Inventory Management Specialist

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MARCORLOGCOM (Albany, GA) mission is to provide worldwide, integrated logistics/supply chain and distribution management; depot level maintenance management; and strategic pre-positioning capability in support of the operating forces and other supported units to maximize their readiness and sustainability and to support enterprise and program-level Total Life Cycle Management.
MARCORLOGCOM is assigned as the Marine Corps Ground Equipment Inventory Manager, serves as the Service-level Inventory Control Point (ICP), and organic Primary/Secondary Inventory Control Activity (PICA/SICA), Depot Maintenance Activity (DMA) and Remote Storage Activity (RSA) for ground weapon systems and associated collateral material. The ICP is responsible for the materiel management/inventory control of Marine Corps' ground weapon systems and equipment which includes managing (planning and executing) and/or supporting the following six functions: 1) cataloging, 2) requirements determinations/computation, 3) procurement, 4) distribution (storage and transportation), 5) overhaul/rebuild, and 6) disposal of materiel. All subordinate commands (Marine Depot Maintenance Command and Blount Island Command and centers (Weapon System Management Center (WSMC), Logistics Capabilities Center, Logistics Services Management Center, Distribution Management Center (DMC), and Maintenance Management Center) have a direct role in managing and/or supporting the six functions of materiel management/inventory control.
Accountability and auditability of funds, information systems and materiel (also referred to as mission critical assets) is inherent to MARCORLOGCOM's mission and materiel management/inventory control functions.
The three primary focus areas are:
FA-1) Financial Operations Audit Readiness. The validation and/or improvement of MARCORLOGCOM General Fund (GF) and Working Capital Fund (WCF) financial operations, processes, and internal controls for financial accountability and Schedule of Budgetary Activity (SBA), Statement of Budgetary Resources (SBR), select WCF Existence and Completeness (E&C), and Full Financial Statements audit readiness, as applicable.
FA-2) Information Systems Operations Audit Readiness. The validation and/or improvement of MARCORLOGCOM Financial and Financial Feeder information system operations, processes and internal controls for information systems accountability and Information Systems Controls audit readiness, alone or in conjunctions with SBA, SBR, E&C, and Full Financial Statements Audits.
FA-3) Records Reconciliation, Research, and Physical Inventory Control Operations Audit Readiness. The conduct of physical inventory control procedures for records reconciliation of Accountable Property System of Record (APSR) variances; research to maintain accurate accountability, auditability, and reporting of Marine Corps property; and quality control to validate, identify process errors, and/or improve reconciliation and research procedures, and internal controls for baseline materiel accountability and mission critical assets E&C audit readiness.
OBXtek is currently staffing for a Inventory Management Specialist to support a project at the Marine Corps Logistics Command in Barstow, California.
The candidate shall have the working knowledge in the in the wholesale-level supply, maintenance, and distribution systems and processes used by the Marine Corps, and other services, departments and agencies that MARCORLOGCOM regularly interfaces with to provide materiel management/inventory control.
Qualifications1. CPA Preferred with at least 1 years of experience 2. At least 1 year experience supporting a federal Government entity in the relevant functional area 3. At least 1 year performing asset/balance sheet audits, inventory audits and/or remediation 4. NACI Clearance or ability to obtain one

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